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Look outside and it’s getting dark
Hear a sound and my ears perk up
A howling wolf, a zombie’s moan
It’s a bad, bad night to go out alone
I throw on my camo and grab my nerf gun
It’s prime time for hunting and I’m on the hunt
Arrive at the witching grounds and look from my nest
But it’s just a bunch of kids in crappy spandex
Where’s the scare, and where’s the fright?
The skeletons and vampires the prowl the night
Eldritch terrors that I’d hoped to see
But these costumed kids, they’re afraid of me
The beers are flowing and the bongs are out
Everyone standing on the twist and shout
The fire’s gold, unrighteous state
Take the night back before it’s too late

Bite my neck, and eat my flesh
Howl at the moon while I bleed to death
Haunt my soul, and chill my bones
‘Cause on a night like tonight, I am so alone

It’s too spooky for me
Too spooky for me
Too spooky for me
Too spooky for me
Too spooky
I wanted to get scared before
But this just left me wanting more
It never was too spooky for me
Too spooky

I might as well embrace it now
Scares ain’t what it’s all about
A sexy pirate, a sexy nurse
It’s all about who can get some first
I might drop acid and take a trip
Or maybe just keep it to a couple fat rips
The night stays cold but the pipe burns hot
In deference to all that I’ve been taught


Never was the time to wait up
Thinking back, they were always right
Look up at the hangin’ moon
Casts its pale glow on everything in sight
So tell me, where’d we go so wrong
To hide ourselves behind a mask?
The costumes that we hide behind this moonlit night
I can’t tell but I ain’t supposed to ask


released October 31, 2014
Words and music by Ian Carlton. Idea by boredom.



all rights reserved


Teuast Santa Cruz, California


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