Camera Shy

by Teuast

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My roommate, Tristan, was talking about how he didn't like being in photos, so I wrote a song about him not liking to be in photos. Also I just listened to the new Planet Smashers album, so I was feeling the bigger, grungier sound.


Camera Shy

When they point the lenses at me
It only matters what they want me to be
I put on my camera smile
But I know I’ll be a demon in a little while
It’s all they think about
They never asked if I wanted to speak out
Something’s wrong, it’s not okay
But they do it anyway

They pick up the light reflected in my eyes
From my attitude on being in the photograph
I’m camera shy, I’m camera shy
And I’m waiting for the flashbulbs to die
Camera shy

She’s got a phone with a tie-dye case
Stuck in her purse, product of the rat race
HD camera and a microphone too
4G and interface so easy to use
Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Flickr, she’s got ‘em all
And she wants to show the world she’s got me on call
I’d rather just keep the evening ours
But I’m no match for her photo powers


We live in a well-documented time.
Everything is photographed, everything is put on the Internet, and once it’s up, it’ll never disappear.
But while we’re looking at so much of the world through our lenses…
How much of it are we actually seeing?

Yo, you got an album you want me to see
It’s up on Facebook and you’ve tagged me
I don’t care where you went, where you spent your break
And goddamn if that ain’t the world’s ugliest lake
Girl, put your phone down, take one look around
You’re in Maui and complaining ‘cause your Wi-Fi’s out
I don’t mean to be rude, I don’t mean to make a scene
But you’ve got titanic ego, no self-esteem



released April 6, 2014
Cover photo taken by Tristan Blommer



all rights reserved


Teuast Santa Cruz, California


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