The Tale of Gordon Freeman

by Teuast

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1. This is a song about the Half-Life series. If you hadn't guessed that from the presence of Gordon Freeman in the title.

2. This is the last single I will be releasing before the full release of Damon Lane.


Verse 1
The blues are fallin'
Down on me
They call me Freeman
But I ain't free
I'm a man of science
Physics by trade
I joined Black Mesa
Thought I had it made
But then Gman came
That's when everything changed

Verse 2
Aliens attacked
Interdimensional war
I went to Xen
I didn't find out more
Twenty years of stasis
Mankind's enslaved
When I came back
I had to hide in a cave
Gman's out to ruin my day
He's doin' fine

I destroyed the Citadel
Stabilized it as it fell
Evacuated half the town
As everything was comin' down
Stole some data, then we ran
Alyx nearly kicked the can
The Vortigaunts, they saved our lives
Time to go to overdriiiiiiiiiiiiiiive


Verse 3
Eli told me
Defend the base
That's what I did
I feel my heart race
Gotta go up north
Find the missing ship
Advisors attack
It's like a really bad trip
Now Eli's dead
Why did they do this to me?
I said, why did they do it
Why did they do it to me?
Gman, why did you do it
Why did you do it to me?
I know it was you! Why did you do it,
Yeah, why did you do it, to me?
Eli was my oldest friend! Why did you do it,
Why did you do it, to me?
I'm sick and tired of your shit, Gman! Why did you do it,
Why did you do it, to me?


released June 7, 2014
Riff by Tom Hoppes
Written and performed by Ian Carlton
Half-Life/HL2 Games by Valve Software



all rights reserved


Teuast Santa Cruz, California


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