When I Land

by Teuast

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I made it into UC Santa Cruz by the skin of my teeth, and had no sooner proposed as a comp sci major than several of my high school friends went to Boston and started trying to get me to go, too, specifically to MIT. I was like "Are you kidding? I barely got in here!" But they weren't kidding. I finally decided to try and transfer, even though I had fuck-all chance of succeeding, and that is where things stand as of writing this song. I will update this description in December when I find out if I got in.


When I think about the days when I was a kid
Nothing seemed to matter, anything I did
Go to school, back home, it was simple back then,
Life was happy, life was cool, didn’t need no girlfriend
The times, they are a-changin’, and the good can’t stay
If I want to keep up, I gotta chase it away
And so soon I’ll be gone, I’m not the first or the last,
It’s just a matter of time before my neighborhood bleeds dry

Woah, she said I should go with her away from here
I cannot tell her of all of my irrational fears

But it’s all right (it’s all right), and it’s all fine (it’s all fine)
Cause when I land, she’ll be mine (she’ll be mine) she’ll be mine
And it’s all right (it’s all right), everything is fine, (everything is fine)
Cause when I land, she’ll be mine (she’ll be mine) she’ll be mine

Oh, no, don’t look back, at our past, it’s on the fast track to the end

When I think about the day when I’m my own man
I imagine everything has gone just as planned
Went to college, got a job, started makin’ bank
Settled in Seattle, started climbin’ the ranks
But then I know the only constant is how much things change
Even since yesterday, my life is nowhere near the same
What’ll I want when I’m out and lonely?
I hope some future me can come back and tell me

Woah, she said we should pack our things and leave this place for good
It’s harder when I’m used to running at my own pace, but in my heart I know I should



released February 7, 2014
Thanks to my roommate, Tristan, for asking me sardonically if it was, in fact, all right.



all rights reserved


Teuast Santa Cruz, California


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